I had gotten several rides from Rich that day but in the evening I requested one more.  He kindly agreed and we headed out on some back roads away from town (the last time we had headed towards town we had gotten stuck behind a Sheriff).

We were moving along at a nice clip, and were coming off a long stretch of straight roadway when we came up to a curve in the road.  No problems there, but for some reason, Rich's back end started to slide in the turn and we ended up rolling the car a couple of times into a ditch.  Fortunately, we were both wearing our seat belts, because if we hadn't been we would have been tossed around pretty badly.

After the car settled back on the tires again, Rich's immediate reaction is to ask me if I am all right (it was just the two of us in the car).  I said that I was and after Rich got out of the car, I tried to get my door open but was unable to.  I climbed out of Rich's side and went to sit down by the side of the road while Rich called back to the house.

A group of people came to help Rich get his car out of the ditch, several of whom came over to make sure that I was all right (thanks Sara, Julie, Dan, and Rich).  While the car was getting pulled out, it was recommended to me to head back to the house so that an EMT  that apparently was one of Daun's friends could check me out to make sure that I was okay.  I had a growing bump on my head, presumably from hitting the roof of the car as it rolled.

Marc Getty was kind enough to drive me back to Daun's and as I was leaving they managed to get the car out of the ditch and onto the road.  I was checked out at Daun's and told to go lay down.  Updates were given periodically regarding the current events with the car.....police showed up and wrote up the accident......police were headed to Daun's....etc.

There were some other details, none of which would be all that interesting to mention, so I will stop here.  I spoke with Rich on the phone a little bit ago and he says that he is physically doing okay and mentally he is still upset (of course).  Currently, I have a bump on my head and some bruising and lacerations have shown up on my neck since then.  Presumably from the seat belt? 

I just would like to say that I feel terribly for this having happened and I hope to be of some assistance in Rich starting anew with something else or attempting to repair the damage done somehow.  I feel as though this is partially my fault.....

The next day, Dan and I headed over to the accident scene before leaving to return to MD.  I wonder if the gravel that was on the road had anything to do with the back end sliding...?

Here are some pics of the scene:

And then we headed to Daun's to see the car in the daylight:

And, here is a second page that I made as a follow up to this one:  Rich's Page