ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL STOCK MK 1 - (and this one is in the UK!)

Well, I have an another stock Mk1 to feature as BEAUTIFUL!!  This one belongs to Jody whom I have never spoken with...but he lives in the UK with someone I HAVE talked to, who goes by the name of Andrew (he collects beautiful engines and has an '81 Scirocco Storm!).  So without further delay, Beautiful Stock Scirocco #2:

Apparently the boys couldn't motivate themselves to wash the little guy before taking these pics....which is something I understand completely...

And a beautiful front view and of course a beautiful back view...Thank you Giugiaro!

Very nice....and the paint looks good too!

Now, I don't normally like sunroofs, but apparently this one was done right and it does look good...

It is a custom fitted Hollandia sunroof.  It was installed in the best possible manner having the original roof cut and then an inner panel welded in.  In the interior, the headliner has been cut to shape and size around the opening, and it is electrically operated via a switch in front of that.  And finally, there are drain pipes under the rear bumper, just behind the arch.

Nice clean and tidy engine bay -- with...a carb instead of fuel injection (eek!)

That other car is Jody's Mk1 Polo (with Audi 50 grill)!.....doesn't quite compare to the Scirocco, but apparently they like to hang out together....

Can you guess what is my favorite part in all of these pics?  The WHEELS!!!!  I think it is great that Jody has decided to stay with the stock setup all around.  That is so rare.....

Andrew said something about Jody getting ATS cups for this guy!!!  DON'T DO IT JODY!!!!

New parcel shelf, immaculate headliner, back seats look brand new!!  And albeit a little on the dirty side...but heh...did you see the pics of Shocky Jr. when I got the carpet out of him?

It is good to see that there are people out there who appreciate the stock Scirocco. 

If you have a stock Scirocco and would like me to make a page for it, email me at

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