So, once again...I have been reduced to maintaining a temporary page as filler for my future October page.  <sigh>  <bad kirsten>

So, a quick and dirty run down of what has been done as of late on Shocky since my website is horribly out of date...

Swap is essentially done...just the misc. things now that need to get wrapped up...which of course means....thing after thing after thing after thing after thing.....repeat.....ad nauseum    <sigh>

The DTA and stock coil on plug setup didn't get along...at all...ever.....no matter what we did....and after repeated attempts and following all the DTA recommendations on getting them to play well with one another....we gave up.  Now, Shocky is running a wasted spark setup with a single coil pack with spark plug wires, which required tearing apart my beautiful wiring..which was quite traumatic.

The DTA was updated with the latest and greatest firmware and software update....

Power lust led to decision to get bigger turbo than K03 sport...the GT28R...closely followed by the GT28RS.....which was out of stock...thereby leading to bigger and better things..which remain under wraps for right this second...but of course required a different custom downpipe and oil/coolant lines...etc.  IC piping and downpipe for the new turbo are now done...but a few things in the oil/coolant line department still need some ironing out.

Bigger and better turbo = more hp = need for bigger injectors..so now Shocky is sporting 580cc injectors instead.

Cooling system is now in place....16V radiator (675mm), twin fan setup (flex-a-lite), an expansion tank, and custom hose setup...Later model style brake light switch is now on Shocky's brake pedal...

Shocky's engine bay....  The completion of the engine bay components allowed Dan and I to spend the rest of the trip DRIVING SHOCKY!  (and tuning the DTA...hehe)

This is Shocky's new turbo...from Kinetic Motorsport.  Its buddies are an exhaust manifold from ATP, a downpipe from Dan Bubb Ltd., and a Tial wastegate.

But of  course, before the engine bay was done and the turbo installed....many tasks had to be completed......

coilpackwiring03 (49K)
wbo2dta2 (33K) After much taunting on my part, I managed to subdue the wiring and wire in the connector for the coil pack that Shocky got to appease the DTA.....

The DTA was then finally able to move back into its home after an extended absence.  This time the WBO2 controller joined him for an extended stay. 

We had to wire in a switch for the DTA to enable closed loop control of the fueling....which um...didn't work all that great...and the switch remained off for the majority of the time.

And there was also some play time......

Two list members showed up to meet Shocky......

Scott (http://www.usrallyteam.com) was even kind enough to  bring presents I had purchased for Shocky.....A new battery and 580cc injectors....

Shocky needed the larger injectors to support his newly found horsepower from his yummy turbo upgrade....

zbattery (51K)
injectors01 (28K)
Tony also stopped by to visit...but sadly, nary a present did he bring for Shocky.... 

As hurt as Shocky was by this, being the brave little trooper he is....he managed to pull through and smile in the end...as much as um...a Scirocco can smile that is....

Tony was able to compensate for his hurtful ways with a good Scirocco chat and lively conversation......

(just kidding Tony.....much Scirocco luv for you man...)

((although I have a lot more for Scott now....hehe))
tonyvisit2 (35K)

(no...this page isn't the most chronologically sound....I know.....)

After many hours of labor, Dan and I threw a few temporary solutions together to finally get Shocky started up (thanks for staying up to get Shocky started Dan!).  A few things to note...he isn't complete...we just wanted to start him.  Also, the DTA map wasn't actually really set up...we just quickly made a few modifications to compensate for the new 580cc injectors.  So...without a well planned map and tuned settings he idles kinda rough...but idles...and runs...and I turned him off in the end...he didn't die  : )

There are still many things to do....but soon those things will be done...and Shocky will be going home  : )

Lots of routing of hoses and valves and such things remains...as well as some finishing touches on stuff like IC piping (bead blasting), the oil drain line leaks..., many hose clamps to attach, the wide band O2 sensor needs to have some troubleshooting attention, and the DTA map needs to be made/refined and the various settings and parameters more accurately defined.  Then of course...he will need to be driven and tuned......<sigh>....and all of this in 4 days!



Scirocco bliss....that is all I have to say.  Scirocco bliss.  And so far.....there have only been two test drives. 

With the exception of some finishing touches that still need to be completed.....like bead blasting the IC pipes..and some misc. wiring for the oil temp, oil pressure, and boost gauges...and a few other odds and ends....he is done.

After Dan and I did some tuning with the DTA...we managed to get him idling well...and then we finished up a few misc. things like putting on the headlights and such. One of the reasons that the DTA was so quickly tuned was because Bradley was kind enough to let Dan and I use one of his maps as a starting off point to get us going (since my time in MD is so limited). We ended up using his fuel map and a few other related settings with a few revisions here and there....(thanks Bradley!)

Shocky performed as to be expected (by me at least...) ....flawlessly.

The first test drive was very short because I realized I had left my license in the pocket of my other jeans...and also we discovered that one of the sensors on the oil filter housing was not screwed down tight enough and there was a small puddle of oil on the housing itself and on the front of the engine.  So...after letting the engine cool down a little we cleaned that up and tightened the sensor down and I grabbed my license and we headed out for test drive #2.  After getting some gas (93 octane, baby!) for Shocky (poor little guy was quite thirsty)...we were off to the highway.  After some minor adjustments to the fuel map, I was able to get on the throttle a bit more.

Some time after that....I was giving the RPMage a test...."rev it kirsten, rev it...." I blew a hose off....the one going from the IC to the TB....while running at the wastegate blow off value that Dan and I set as a parameter for the DTA...10 psi.  Beading the tubes so that the silicone hoses stay on is next on the list of things to do.  Fortunately we were not too far from Dan's at the time this took place...so we headed back in a very reserved manner....and reattached the hose.  We then went back out to verify the turbo was still happy and such.  It was..........

Soooo.....Shocky is now resting after a long hard day of fun.  He is such a trooper!!!!


We went out for more testing the next day......and he is just such a blast to drive!  Wonderfully yummy in every way I could ever have hoped for. 

Dan got a chance to drive him and here is what happened once he was in the driver's seat:

* Begin Dan Narration *

OK guys and gals!  Shocky meets his first challenge!

Shocky's second day on the road, all mechanical systems checked and in good order, and Kirsten and I are out fine tuning the map.  Just by coincidence during one of the few time I got to drive Shocky we pull up to a light next to a brand new Subaru WRX STI with new temp tags.  Well, they didn't notice us too much so I didn't really get on it from the light (plus I didn't want to play to his strength of AWD!) but Shocky's bypass valve is pretty loud and I broke traction in 2nd without trying. Although they hadn't been trying at all to this point, they now knew Shocky was up for a challenge. I could see them coming and layed into Shocky's boost (still only 10 psi at this point!) and zipped down to the highway entrance ramp in a big hurry. 

Once we got on the highway we had to dedaudle at 60 to get these guys to catch up (maybe there first glance scared them off ) and Kirsten was waving at them to get next to us. Finally they moved next to us and the road was clear.

Downshift to third and full throttle to 6500! They were on it right next to us. 6500 in 4th, 116 MPH and they are still right next to us.

5th gear and still on it. Run it out to 6000 in 5th, about 130MPH, and they finally get about 1/2 car length ahead of us until they let off. More than fast enough on the DC beltway.

Unbelievable!! Shocky runs with an STI on 10 psi boost on only his second day with his AWP engine!! Poor STI guy! Brand new car and 25 year old Shocky really made him work for it.

What a huge thrill! Faster than hell right out of the box with plenty of boost to come!

If you want a kick checkout the video Kirsten made of Shocky's first challenge. She was totally not paying attention to the camera, but the audio is fun and you can see the Subaru just pull ahead at the end of the race.

Shocky Meets his First Challenge

Shocky is awesome and what a little Trooper! (Yes, Kirsten made me say that! ) and he got more than one thumbs up today for his awesome display of power!

* End Dan Narration *

  After that....I got back in the driver's seat...and we ended up heading out of town to a more vacant freeway, enjoying the rest of the day driving...

Before heading back to Dan's, he and I stopped for a nice lunch of victory.....this is Shocky patiently awaiting our return in the parking lot.  What a handsome little hunk  : )

Well...Shocky is everything I could ever want a Scirocco to be.  He always has been...for me at least...but I knew that he wanted to be all the Scirocco he could be.....and now he is almost there....

I am back home in Seattle now.....missing Shocky as always....and counting the days until his return

And now....I will focus on actually completing my swap pages.....  <sigh>        

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