Because the 02J has a hydraulic clutch setup, Shocky had to be fitted with a clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and hydraulic line.  The clutch pedal also had to be modified in order to attach to the end of the clutch MC pushrod inside the passenger compartment. 

Pictures of the firewall from the engine bay before any modifications are done:

clutchmc01 (33K) clutchmc02 (43K)

Unmodified firewall from inside the car:

clutchmc03 (58K) clutchmc04 (60K)
clutchmc05 (52K)

Because one of the mounting holes for the clutch MC was located on a stiffener tack welded to the firewall, a spacer had to be made to compensate for the difference in height between the two mounting holes.  The blue line in the thumbnail below shows where the stiffener ends. 

Part of internal bracket with the pilot holes drilled for two bolts on either side and one large hole in the middle.

clutchmc09 (30K) clutchmc10 (35K)

A hole punch was then used to punch a larger diameter hole through the middle.

clutchmc13 (43K)

Hole punch used to make center hole in internal bracket piece....aluminum still attached.

Internal bracket with the center hole punched out
clutchmc11 (39K) clutchmc11 (39K)

clutchmc14 (30K) clutchmc15 (28K)

clutchmc16 (46K) clutchmc17 (44K)

clutchmc18 (43K) clutchmc19 (41K)

clutchmc20 (41K) clutchmc21 (47K)

firewall .030 thick and in a relatively unsupported area...idea of this is to transfer load up and down to an area of the firewall that won't flex.

clutchmc22 (74K) clutchmc23 (37K)

top edge of stiffening rib extends upward to top edge of horizontal piece which is bottom of rain tray....a very stiff area.

bottom of stiffening rib comes down to juncture of bottom of firewall and wheel well....

clutchmc24 (73K) clutchmc25 (64K)
clutchmc26 (60K) clutchmc27 (66K)

Pedal ready to be modified.  That bracket is going to be welded on and has a hole in it to allow for the clevis to be mounted.

clutchmc28 (21K) clutchmc29 (22K)

clutchmc30 (70K) clutchmc31 (59K)

clutchmc32 (25K) clutchmc33 (20K)
clutchmc34 (28K)

clutchmc35 (17K) Stock Mk4 Jetta clutch MC - without modification
clutchmc36 (24K) End cut off to allow for threaded piece of rod to be welded on
clutchmc37 (38K) Threaded rod welded* onto end of original rod

*Yes, precautions were taken to prevent damage to the other parts on the master cylinder during the welding process. 

Also, the strength of the welded end was verified by locking the master cylinder in a vise and trying to break the threaded part off using various methods of attack.
clutchmc38 (25K) Clevis attached to threaded rod

Pieces to beadblast and powdercoat.....and then install........

clutchmc50 (53K) clutchmc51 (52K)
clutchmc52 (24K) clutchmc53 (20K)
clutchmc54 (30K) clutchmc59 (16K)
clutchmc55 (74K) clutchmc56 (68K)
clutchmc57 (55K) clutchmc58 (62K)

-- So...in theory that should be the end of this page...but in reality...that was not the case.  After installing the whole setup we found that the clutch would not fully engage......so, new mounting point for the clevis was made lower down on bracket welded to the clutch pedal.

this wasn't a wild ass guess.....Dan took the time to model the clutch mc in Pro Engineer and figured out what needed to be modified

crummy jpeg of 3D model

These are the parts from a '90 - '91 VW Corrado compared to the Mk4 Jetta parts.  From everything we can tell the ratio is the same....so not sure why Mk4 ones aren't working.  Therefore instead of using the new stuff we just modified the old stuff as per that ProE drawing above.  But...the parts that should work...are listed below.

VW Part Number
Clutch Master Cylinder
357 721 401 Gasket: 357 721 410
Clutch Slave Cylinder
357 721 261 A
Clutch Hydraulic Hose
357 721 465 A Washer: 431 721 494

Mk4 and Corrado MCs

clutchmc39 (20K) clutchmc40 (19K)

Corrado MC and slave cylinder.

clutchmc41 (25K) clutchmc42 (16K)

Mk4 and Corrado slave cylinders.

clutchmc43 (24K)

So to put that drawing to reality....we used a 10 degree angled spacer that angles the mc down so that we can move the pivot point down and get more travel

3/8'' aluminum block and marked out 1 5/16'' hole needed to be
drilled a bunch of 1/4 holes around the perimeter....cut them out with jigsaw
took hole punch and forced it in with hydraulic press
put in vise and hacksawed  it at a 10 degree angle
filed the surface down smooth

The nuts that are on the passenger compartment side were ground down to the appropriate angle and then welded to the mounting plate....since trying to tighten nuts that have angles cut in them is difficult at best.

Here is the new mounting for the MC.....

clutchmc44 (15K) clutchmc45 (18K)
clutchmc60 (25K) clutchmc61 (28K)
clutchmc46 (22K) clutchmc47 (25K)
clutchmc62 (22K) clutchmc63 (22K)

clutch pedal modified to add a lower pivot point

clutchmc48 (18K) clutchmc49 (23K)

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