New 580cc injectors for the larger turbo.......

swap039 (38K)

swap038 (28K)

swap040 (21K)

swap041 (51K) swap042 (42K)
swap043 (56K)

swap044 (34K) swap045 (34K)
swap046 (37K)

swap047 (41K)

swap048 (42K)

swap049 (35K)

swap050 (51K)

Comparing the stock exhaust manifold to the ATP manifold

swap052 (31K)

swap054 (23K)

swap056 (37K)

swap053 (33K)

swap055 (34K)

Comparing the GT30R to the K03S

swap057 (39K) swap058 (38K)
swap059 (34K) swap060 (32K)
swap061 (34K)

Comparing the GT30R to the T3/T04E

swap062 (41K) swap063 (42K)
swap064 (38K)

Test fitting the GT30R - the rain tray was awefully close to the turbo so modification was needed.....

swap065 (37K) swap066 (39K)
swap067 (37K)

swap069 (64K)

swap070 (41K)
swap072 (60K)

swap071 (43K)
swap075 (39K) swap076 (52K)
swap077 (46K) swap078 (44K)

GT30R in all its glory!

swap079 (27K)

swap081 (36K)

swap083 (36K)

swap085 (32K)

swap080 (29K)

swap082 (29K)

swap086 (32K)

swap084 (39K)

TIAL wastegate......

swap087 (51K) swap088 (55K)

Test fitting the downpipe to the ATP exhaust manifold and turbo

swap097 (25K)

swap090 (46K)

swap093 (34K)

swap100 (41K)

swap101 (29K)

swap091 (27K)

swap092 (52K)

swap103 (34K)

swap102 (37K)

Turbo coolant line, oil line already installed.....

swap104 (24K) swap107 (40K)
swap108 (39K) swap112 (33K)
swap106 (31K) swap109 (36K)
swap110 (35K) swap111 (33K)
swap113 (39K)

Naked turbine blades on the GT30R

swap114 (61K)

swap116 (30K)
swap115 (45K)

swap117 (35K)

Final install - turbo to manifold......

swap118 (29K) swap119 (32K)
swap120 (31K) swap121 (33K)
swap122 (32K) swap123 (30K)
swap124 (32K) swap125 (32K)

Huge ass snap ring! It was a freaking pain to work with......

swap126 (52K) swap127 (53K)

Finally, install of turbo et al......

swap129 (75K)

swap128 (33K)
swap130 (40K)

swap131 (35K)

swap132 (41K)

swap133 (30K)
swap134 (44K) swap135 (46K)

swap137 (46K)

swap136 (25K)

swap140 (37K)


Oh, but wait! Oil lines need to be modified.....pain in the ass as well.......

swap143 (68K)


swap144 (37K)

swap147 (11K)

swap146 (16K)

swap145 (31K)

Final install of lines......

swap150 (11K)
swap151 (21K) swap152 (28K)

swap155 (20K)

swap157 (39K)

swap156 (30K)

swap158 (39K)

swap160 (23K) swap166 (22K)
swap161 (36K) swap162 (44K)
swap164 (36K) swap167 (38K)

Turbo and downpipe installed, connecting to exhaust......

swap169 (21K)

swap173 (32K)

swap170 (41K)

swap175 (26K)

WB02 Sensor install.....

swap179 (16K)
swap180 (12K) swap181 (12K)

swap182 (34K)

swap184 (31K)

swap185 (38K)

Progress at that point.....

swap186 (44K) swap187 (40K)
swap188 (58K) swap189 (47K)

swap190 (43K)

swap197 (28K) swap198 (34K)
swap199 (39K) swap193 (40K)
swap194 (58K) swap191 (52K)

swap196 (22K)

swap192 (28K)

swap195 (39K)

swap200 (18K)

swap201 (16K)
swap202 (15K)

swap203 (23K)
swap204 (46K)

swap205 (40K)

swap208 (44K)

swap206 (49K)

swap207 (58K)

swap209 (47K)

swap210 (45K)

swap211 (39K)

swap212 (44K)

swap213 (45K)

swap214 (59K)

swap215 (50K)

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