This is the latest and greatest from the shop making the turn signals.  They look all right to me....given everything that is serving as a filter to my eyes right now...namely the amount of time this project has been in the works.  Please.....give me feedback...if you have any to give:

Here is the latest from the shop...(a couple hours later latest)...

The green arrows are showing where on the lens you can see the screws or more can see the bosses that were put into the that screw holes could be drilled and screws used for bonding the lens to the housing.  This is what all of 'em are gonna look like give or

Make sure you are okay with such things if you want to get some.....I am done trying to seek perfection...this is where the signals are going to remain...they may get better...this is a trial run part...but you should count on them looking like this...

Latest update pics from the shop:

Apparently they will be calling me on Monday after they have bonded the two halves together and are ready to give me some sets.  They keep running into material issues since the aliphatic resin isn't that easy to work with.


Okay...went down there myself...took some pics....they are making progress:

And here is the first set to be sold...Now I just need to figure out who is first on the list....and get it shipped.

Something the shop came up with for the smoked...and conceivably for other colors was this frosted look.  It is hard to tell from the pics..but the finish is frosted in the sense it is matte instead of glossy.  They did this by using a teflon mold release instead of silicon.

The shop also is going to give the gaskets a try...I have 1 set of brand new perfect gaskets....<sigh>....which I am going to sacrifice to have them attempt to make molds so that everyone can have new gaskets too.  It is almost as painful as when I had to sacrifice the brand new set of turn signals for purposes of mold making <sniff>.  Er...anyhow...the material that is going to be used to make these is on the right..obviously it will not be that color...

The shop says the material will be "two part space age silicones" and that it can be black instead of gray or slightly off black if necessary.  I am not going to hold my breath on this...I think that if it happens, great, if not...well that bites, but was expected.

So basically, the shop is tinkering with this automated robot they have which they want to use for drilling the holes for the screws.  Apparently it has been difficult to get consistent results by hand as far as the drilling goes.

I am going out of see my favorite little guy in the entire world....the apple of my eye...the best little trooper of a Mk1 ever....SHOCKY JR.!!!  : )    

And....I get to finally drive him since it is time to tune the DTA!!!  Dan and I are wrapping up the swap on this visit!!  : ) I will be leaving on 10/21 and gone until 11/1 --  Wish me luck....    : )

I will try to get back to working on this once I return..but it usually takes a few days at least to get stuff in general back in order...etc...

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