Here is the bonding solution the shop came up with.....

As I have mentioned more times then I am sure anyone wanted to hear.....there is:

1.  A major problem with the bonding of the lens and housing
2.  Inconsistent bondline
3.  Poor seal around part (haven't really mentioned this one too much)

In light of the limitations inherent with using adhesive in this application, the shop came up with the idea to use screws instead.  The thought is it would take care of the bonding and the sealing by using a layer of silicone sealant around the perimeter before screwing together the two halves.  Black silicone and screws would be used as to aid the bondline as much as possible.

I went down to the shop today and saw the results in person.  Unfortunately, the example that they had to show me, isn't exactly like what it will look like in reality (actually this is a good thing given how it looked).  Basically, what the shop would be doing is modifying the molds so that the holes for the screws would actually be molded in place as opposed to drilled afterward like the example was.  As I am sure you know, when you drill plastic, it tends to get not-so-pretty if you are looking for that clear appearance.  Also, all the shop had laying around were silver screws.....

Now keep in mind that this lens and housing are scrap parts, so no need to be looking at that aspect:

You can see along the bottom edge there where the screws bottomed out (preventable).  The actual parts would look like that for two reasons:  the holes would be molded in alleviating the damage done by drilling and also, the molds have already been modified to have a broader bonding surface along that edge.  In this example, the bonding surface has not been modified and a small boss had to be created to allow for the drilling, which is part of what you are seeing.....

This is the bonding surface previous to being widened.  You can see why there might be problems trying to fit a screw through that with large enough threads to do any good.

Okay, so here are more pics of the perimeter of the example - there are screws inset along each edge:

I have been told that the actual parts will look more like the pic terms of being noticeable.

And, from the back:

Bottom line....the shop needs to know tomorrow, so I may end up making the decision for everyone and you guys will just have to trust my judgment.

The turn out for the turn signal order form has been poor at best, so I don't have high hopes for these pages.  I suppose I can't blame you guys for not wanting to bother.

Okay, well my thoughts on it are this:

It will take care of the structural problems.  When it gets down to it, that is what is most important if you do not want these things to fall apart.  If indeed the appearance is really as limited as the shop is saying, then it may be worth it.

Unfortunately, once the molds are modified, it cannot be reversed....

The problem I see coming up besides any issues with appearance is some people don't want theirs bonded together.  It will be a pain, although possible, to fill each of the holes in the lenses if you will be doing the bonding yourself using adhesive.


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