Okay, well basically I am suffering from photo overload, which is hindering my main swap page progress.  In the meantime however, I have included a few pics...I am working away at stuff for my main shocky pages...but right now I am looking at 3,000 pics give or take and feeling a bit overwhelmed to say the least.  I am also in the process of making my "totally tech, no BS" pages which are going to consist of detailed info on the 1.8T swap only as opposed to info here and there with narration of my adventures in MD. 

And now for some pics of the current status of it all...........and some new parts for Shocky.......


Gauges and Sensors:

Wheels and Tires:

Do-It-Yourself Wide band O2 Sensor:

And completed exhaust and downpipe:



Stock wiring had to get taken out, and I didn't just want to snip the wires so I cut the connectors off in the engine bay and actually removed the wire from the fuse panel plugs.  Now my A plug (the white guy) is a bit bare, but I added in some new wires....like for the 12V switched power to the relay board and a tach wire to the DTA in the C plug (yellow guy).  While I was down in that area anyway, I decided to clean up stuff some and also replace the burned plugs (D and E).  Only did D and then ran out of time, but I got a chance to fix all the damaged wires as well.  Anyways...shoulda known better as I have had my wiring apart before, but I organized my wiring with the fuse panel upside down (very stupid kirsten) and so when I was done....I realized this and had to turn it over...which meant messing up everything I had done.  Bottom line?  Wires are a slightly more organized mess still! 

Anyhow...before pic:

Reorganized mess:

Damaged D plug and new D plug....some wires already transferred.....:

Got a really cool tool that is for the VW wiring.....it is a must have if you are going to be fiddling with the fuse panel stuffs:

D and E plugs in:

D Connector for relay board:

Relay board done:

Progress made on DTA so far....couldn't get the connectors into the plastic housing without difficulty  #@$*@#*&$@#%$@(#*:

I am about half way through terminating the wires to the DTA.....and then I am DONE!

The fuel filter has been moved to other side of engine bay:

And the new fuel lines are about 50% complete:

And that is about it.  The exhaust and shifter box are finally in place for good and ready to go.....All the wiring is done, the DTA is almost done and the fuel lines are going to be done and so everything is ready to go in terms of starting Shocky up for the first time......before I can actually run the little guy though need to install radiator and coolant hoses which need to be custom done (go figure!).....um...other than that....

Well, this is by no means my actual page for the Shocky Jr. Restoration and Upgrade Adventure Chronicles......just a temporary page until I get some things sorted out.  For detailed info on the wiring see my new Wiring Details page.

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