First of all, I need to take a second to thank the person that Shocky Jr. owes his new life to.  Without his help, Shocky Jr. would still be sitting in my garage collecting dust, wondering as to if and when he would be rehabilitated after his accident.  And, without this person introducing me to Sciroccos in the first place, I might never have developed this overwhelming passion for them...

So to my dad, a truly great man for lots and lots of reasons, Thanks for everything!

(You'll have another Scirocco one of these days.....I just know it! -- Shocky III)

So, was there a Shocky Sr.? Indiana Red '79, purchased new from dealership. 

Shocky Sr. was a terrific Scirocco, belonging to my dad.  He began his life in Washington State and then traveled with my family across country to Pennsylvania where he would happily live for what turned out to be the rest of his life.  He was nicknamed "Shocky" (short for Scirocco) and was in the family until my mom made my dad get rid of it in February 1989.  A week after being sold, it was stolen from the new owner and wrecked.  These picture was taken just before selling it.....hence the sad expression on my dad's face. 

When we went to the dealership to get a new car to replace him (a Scirocco of course!) my dad decided that the Mk2 Scirocco lacked the qualities that had made Shocky Sr. so great....and instead, we bought an '89 Ford Bronco II  (eek!)

Rest in Peace Shocky Sr.

So, many years later and back in Washington State, Shocky Jr. came to be when I purchased him in '97.  I bought him from the second owner, with a rebuilt engine and a new paint job.

Shocky Jr. is a '79 "S" model before they were called "Scirocco S"s.  He has the spiffy red striping and sporty seats.

Shocky isn't in the best cosmetic shape -- as you can see from his pictures, his bumper cover has deteriorated due to sun damage and is now removed and his side molding has some issues as well.  He of course has dents and dings -- just your normal everyday wear and tear.  BUT, in terms of mechanicals, Shocky is in excellent shape!!  I am a firm believer in function over fashion, and therefore while Shocky may not look his best, you can be damn sure he runs his best!

In Washington State they make you get new license plates every seven years....and so a couple of registrations ago, the DOL forced me to get a new license plate with the updated look and a different number....Shocky was devastated (DRM 686 was his identity....).

I think that the Mk 1 Scirocco has the nicest back end! 
Shocky's old 1.6L engine. 

Despite being sadly neglected when it comes to having his exterior washed or his interior vacuumed, Shocky's engine bay is always clean.
Shocky's spiffy steering wheel and all black, non wood grain instrument cluster and dash.

What can I say, his seats are very "vintage"...but soon they will be black instead.


Shocky Gets Hit

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