Click on any of the thumbnails or titles below to view that section of the Shocky Jr. Restoration and Upgrade Chronicles.  As always, all pictures on each page are thumbnails of the real click on them for larger versions of the image.  If you aren't able to click on a means that the page isn't ready yet even though I finished the swap in 2004....

Update - I decided that 7 years later I would just upload the pics and give up on trying to narrate......

The Shocky Story

Shocky Suffers at the Wheels of a Camry

Shocky Begins his Rehabilitation

A Change of Plans for Shocky....

Shocky With a New Front End

Shocky Leaves for Maryland

Shocky Moves into Dan's Garage

Shocky Gets Lots of Presents

Shocky Says Good-bye to his 1.6 and 020

Shocky Says Hello to his 1.8T and 02J

...And Continues to Get Acquainted

More New Stuff

July Swap Related Progress

July Wiring Progress

August Temp Page

August Swap Related Progress

August Wiring Progress

August Non-Swap Related Progress

October Temp Page

October Swap Related Progress

October Non-Swap Related Progress

October Wiring Progress

Driver's Side Mount

Rear Mount

K03 Downpipe

GT30R Downpipe

Intercooler Piping

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