I arrived at Bug Aid an 1.5 hours before Shocky's appointment only to find him still not assembled completely, although several people at the shop were working on getting him back together.  Time passes and still no assembled Shocky.  I find myself clutching the appointment slip in my hand very tightly as I read the message at the bottom over and over: 

You see, the problem is that Shocky needed to be on that transport truck the next obviously there would be no time for another appointment.  That meant I would not only have to get there on time, but also Shocky would have to be assembled enough to pass inspection.....

And now it is approaching half an hour before my appointment.  And he still isn't ready....

It wasn't like the inspection place was down the street or anything...I was in Seattle, and the inspection place is in Bellevue.  For those of you familiar with the Seattle area I would have to get on I-5 south in a place where there is always traffic, go across the Ship Canal Bridge, where there is always traffic, and finally get on 1-90 to go across Lake Washington and into Bellevue.  If there were no traffic on the road and I were to go the posted speed limit, the trip would take around 20-25 minutes.

And Shocky still isn't ready....

Finally, ten minutes before my appointment I leave.  Well, fortunately, I have absolutely no qualms about speeding, and since that was the case Shocky and I zoom off (as only a 1.6L who has just been resurrected after a long hibernation can zoom) onto 1-5 where lo and behold....there isn't the traffic mess that I was expecting (for once).  I believe that I broke every single traffic law on that trip from Bug Aid....and Shocky, being the little trooper he is didn't even hesitate once.  As we pull off of the freeway - I note the is 2:45, 5 minutes late and counting.  Fortunately, the Washington State Patrol is just off of the freeway and Shocky and I zoom (slowly) into the parking lot and pull into line.  The guy in front of me gets out of his car, comes my way and asks what time my appointment is for...."2:40" I say...and he comments "You're late".  I keep the lovely comments running through my head to myself and ask what time his appointment is for... "3:20" he replies with a smirk on his face.  I muttered something under my breath, looked up and smiled and politely asked if he would be so kind as to let me go ahead of him then.  He said yes, and Shocky and I pull forward and sit with the engine off, next in line.  A short time later we are motioned to pull into the I am thinking...okay, so they are going to verify my appointment and see that I am late and turn me away.....Nope!  We pull in, I turn him off, and the rest is history.  Shocky passed the inspection with flying colors and I got all of the appropriate paperwork to re-instate his title and such.  Shocky bravely heads back over I-90 at a slightly slower pace and we pull into Bug Aid where the transport truck will pick him up the next day.

Phew!!!  Shocky and I both breathe a collective sigh of relief.....

So after all of that, I finally get a chance to take a look at Shocky's cosmetic and structural status:

All things considered for what the poor little guy has been through...not too bad.  Bug Aid managed to lose several of Shocky's parts though, one of them being my windshield washer fluid reservoir.  They for some reason had this really ugly blue one sitting in the area where Shocky's parts were and thinking it was mine (since I like blue and Shocky's water pump pulley, oil cap, and oil dipstick are all painted blue) they put it in.....bleh!

So here you can see what the amber signals look like on the car.  These are ones that I had made....I think they look pretty good on him!

There was no time to put the other half of the grill on Shocky before we left for the inspection, which is why he is semi-naked here.  And the interior looks the same although the wiring still was not completely assembled....

And so I say my good-byes to Shocky and wish him a safe and restful trip out to Maryland.  I kiss his roof and wave to him as I drive away.....after I get Bug Aid to promise me they would make sure the person picking him up was good to him....


New Front End


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