So, back at Bug Aid, progress was being made on Shocky Jr.'s new front end.  Things were coming along slowly but surely, and time was running out to make the transport truck to Maryland in time for my March visit.  With only a couple of days to go, Shocky looked like this still......and on top of that, he still needed to be inspected by the Washington State Patrol....

In Washington State, after your car is considered a total loss, you must send your original title into the Department of Licensing and then if you choose to make the repairs, you have to take it through inspection to get your title reinstated.  You might think that this inspection is to verify that your car is safe once's not.  It turns out all they are looking for are stolen parts, so it is primarily a VIN # check.  So, Shocky had to be a completely assembled and functional car....and with only a little time left, I was really starting to worry.

red4welding1 (38K)
red4welding2 (37K) red4welding3 (41K)
red4welding4 (41K) red4welding5 (36K)
red4welding6 (37K)

And the interior of him wasn't any better.....except for the back seat which had remained untouched for the most part.  Everything on the shelves still needed to go back onto him and of course the welding wasn't done yet....

The night before Shocky's appointment for the inspection, I arrive at Bug Aid around 6:00 after work, to assist in what has become a race against time..... Shocky has his new front end finally attached, but nothing else in the engine bay and the interior is still torn apart.  What I don't have pictures of, but you can see in the above pic is the wiring is not in place.  None of it.  And so, we begin a long night:

I leave Bug Aid around 11:00 that night, with Shocky not being all that put back together.  The night is still young according to Bug Aid and so I leave with the promise of a completed Shocky Jr. by the time I arrive back there tomorrow to drive him to the Washington State Patrol so he can be inspected. 


Change of Plans


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