Since Shocky had moved out of my garage and into Bug Aid, I had been feeling unhappy with the idea of having a shop do the engine swap and related components.  Despite the shop promising to let me participate, I still didn't like the idea.  While I don't particularly care much about whether or not I do my own body work (in fact, I would rather not do it), I have a vested interest in doing anything even remotely related to the mechanicals.   You may be wondering why then, did I not just plan on doing the work myself from the get go......Well, while I had plenty of tools and a growing amount of car related knowledge, I still lacked many of the things necessary to successfully complete an engine swap - particularly the AWP into the A1 chassis.

Dan Bubb, a friend of mine from the Scirocco list who lives in Maryland, offered to show me the ropes of tranny rebuilds on an 020 for Shocky (020 Tranny Build).  That was completed successfully and I learned a lot which led to the decision to have Shocky's new tranny and engine dropped off in Maryland (from Virginia) where we would work on them together (02J Tranny Build and Shocky's AWP).  This too was successfully completed and Dan and I enjoyed working on car stuff together, so Dan offered to help me restore and upgrade Shocky while teaching me all about various engine swapping things.  Neglecting the huge distance factor, this was a perfect solution to my dilemma regarding participation with the project.  So it was decided that once the bodywork was done on Shocky, he would be shipped out via transport truck to Maryland from Washington State.  I would fly out there once a month to work on Shocky with Dan, with Shocky getting to hang out with Dan's Sciroccos and Audi in between visits.

I would like to thank Dan for all of his help and patience, for boarding Shocky and putting up with my request to not work on him when I am not there.  Also, a big thank you for housing and putting up with me once a month.  THANKS!!  (and sorry about you having to put off your turbo project to do this!)

Shocky will be in good company while he is in Maryland....Dan has three Sciroccos and an Audi.  Dan tells me that they all have been getting along fine since his arrival in March.

Dan's '84 which is a blast to drive and just may change my feelings about the Mk2 Scirocco!  Each time I am out there it grows on me more and more.

Dan's Audi and '81 (which is sadly neglected....poor thing! and is actually now sold)

Here you can see a little bit of each of Dan's cars: the '84, '81, Audi, and the tail end of the 16V.

It snowed when I was there in December to build the 020.

Dan cleaning the wheels on his '84...one of the few pictures of Dan you will ever see!

Nice paint job, Dan! 

(he has done everything and anything on that car and every one of his cars himself -- and a damn good job at that!)

16V and '84

Everyone camping out in the driveway



New Front End

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