Coming home late one night, Shocky and I were pulling up to a stop sign about half a block away form my house at the time.   I always went very slowly around that intersection because it is a 2-way stop, and most people don't realize this and go right through the stop sign and on top of that you can't see very well as to whether or not cars are coming.  So Shocky and I were approaching the stop sign and I was creeping up towards where I would be able to see whether or not a car was coming.....and all of a sudden, a Toyota Camry comes barreling around the corner apparently being chased by the cops (according to the cops they had been following this guy for quite some time around the various to why they didn't pull him over in the first place, I don't know....)

The Camry takes the corner too wide and rams driver's side to driver's side head on into Shocky!!  Poor Shocky.....being the trooper he is, he took all of the brunt of the accident for me and subsequently, suffered a great deal of damage.  As I went to get out of my car...Shocky's door was jammed shut and I crawled out of the passenger side instead.  The good thing about this situation was that since the cops were already following him, they were right on his tail after he hit me.....and if they hadn't been, I think the guy would have run.  By now, several people had gathered on the sidewalk after hearing the really loud sound of the two cars colliding and some of them are yelling towards the cops that the accident was entirely the Camry's fault and that Shocky had just been sitting there minding his own business at the time. 

And of course and all of them are wondering what the hell was wrong with me.  I was beyond distraught....and as my roommate drives by a shout to him the that "*******" just hit Shocky!  My assumption was that the guy was drunk.....but when I inquired as to whether or not this was the case I was told no, and then the cop physically blocked me from heading over to the guy's car.  Probably best that I didn't go and talk to the Camry's owner anyway.  Since I was less than half a block from my place, Shocky, (being the brave little Scirocco he is) mustered up the strength to make it the rest of the way home where I parked him in the garage so he could rest for what turned out to be over two years!

After everything was settled with the insurance company (the accident was listed as completely the other driver's fault, and fortunately he had insurance) I took pictures of the damage done:


The Shocky Story


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