I am offering the lens in any color you want pending the shop's approval.  Here are some examples of custom colored lenses:

redcustomsingled.jpg (36082 bytes)
redcustomsinglee.jpg (33624 bytes)
redcustomsinglef.jpg (42732 bytes)
redcustomdoublea.jpg (24914 bytes)
redcustomdoubleb.jpg (26698 bytes)
redcustomdoublec.jpg (28836 bytes)
redcustomdoubled.jpg (29454 bytes)
redcustomdoublee.jpg (20100 bytes)
redcustomdoublef.jpg (24539 bytes)
redcustomdoubleg.jpg (30907 bytes)

ABOVE:  Examples of custom color lenses (they can be made to any color specified).

RIGHT:  Light blue lens on unpainted housing.

redbare2.jpg (61595 bytes)
redbare3.jpg (62829 bytes)
redbare4.jpg (51575 bytes)
redbare5.jpg (70705 bytes)
redbare6.jpg (53422 bytes)
redbare7.jpg (38182 bytes)
redbare8.jpg (40790 bytes)
redbare9.jpg (45301 bytes)
redpainted1.jpg (49989 bytes)

The next group of pics are examples of the light blue lens on the painted housing.

redpainted2.jpg (46069 bytes)
redpainted3.jpg (53430 bytes)
redpainted4.jpg (49890 bytes)
redpainted5.jpg (36481 bytes)
redpainted6.jpg (33345 bytes)
redpainted7.jpg (48578 bytes)
redpainted7.jpg (48578 bytes)
redpainteddarkblue1.jpg (54795 bytes)
redpainteddarkblue2.jpg (51853 bytes)

These four pics are examples of the dark blue lens on painted housing.
redpainteddarkblue3.jpg (48787 bytes)
redpainteddarkblue4.jpg (51874 bytes)

These two pics are examples of the dark blue lens on non painted housing (bare housing).

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