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It should be noted that due to the transparent aspect of the clear lens, the bosses that were put into the molds to allow for screw holes to be drilled for bonding purposes are more easily seen (shown with arrows in the picture below).  Also, unavoidable imperfections such as tiny bubbles and such are much more noticeable...if you are looking at the lenses closely.  Unfortunately, this is not something that can be fixed and is inconsistent in frequency and severity.  I am pulling all sets which I don't feel are of high enough quality for full priced sale.  Those sets that ARE deemed as lower quality will then be sold as discount sets.  This means that the discount sets for the clears will remain an ongoing thing.  Again, let me reiterate that these lower quality lenses are labeled as such based on my VERY HIGH standards.  Therefore, while they might not be perfect, they are far from poor in quality and this WILL be reflected in the pricing of discount sets.

These are the final pics of the clear turn signals with painted on the thumbnail for larger image:

These are pics that the shop took of  first good lenses from the final molds.  The housing is bare:

These are pics of the clear lens itself:

redclearlensonlya.jpg (61918 bytes)

redclearlensonlyg.jpg (47303 bytes)
 redclearlensonlyc.jpg (63081 bytes)


These pics are examples of the clear lens with bare housing.

redclearbarebondedc.jpg (25215 bytes)

redclearbarebondedd.jpg (34574 bytes)
redclearbarebondedf.jpg (69640 bytes)
redclearbarebondeda.jpg (32944 bytes)

These pics are examples of the clear lens with painted housing.

redclearpaintbondeda.jpg (31990 bytes) redclearpaintbondede.jpg (28690 bytes)
redclearpaintbondedf.jpg (26803 bytes) redclearpaintbondedg.jpg (29352 bytes)


These are pics of a set of clear lenses on Sean Gill's beautiful example of a Mk1:

These are pics of the clear lenses when the parking lights are on:

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