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New From Germany - VW Scirocco Road and Track, June 1974


Preview Test - VW Scirocco Car and Driver, July 1974


Road Test - VW Scirocco Car and Driver, December 1974


Giant Test - Scirocco TS CAR, December 1974


The New VW Scirocco and Golf Buyers Guide, 1974


Road Test - Starfire, Scirocco, Skyhawk and Others Motor Trend, February 1975


VW Scirocco - A Truly Remarkable New Small GT Road and Track, February 1975


1975 VW Spotters Guide Motor Trend, June 1975


VWs Scirocco and Rabbit Motor Trend, February 1976


The VW Scirocco 1600TS Motor Sport, July 1976


Super Scirocco Motor Trend, November 1976


Fuel Injected VW Scirocco Road and Track, January 1977


Super Scirocco - Improving a Good Thing Road and Track, September 1978


The Recaro Scirocco Motor Trend, October 1978


An Orange Julius to Go Motor Trend, February 1981


Suspension Tuning the Rabbit and Scirocco VW Hi-Performance


The Scirocco GTI VW High-Performance


Reader's Rides Pic Dune Buggies and Hot VWs