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Mk 2 Preview Pic Road and Track


The New VW Road and Track


FYI - New Scirocco in 1981 Dune Buggies and Hot VWs, July 1979


VW's New Scirocco Dune Buggies and Hot VWs, June 1981


Exciting Scirocco September 1981


VW Scirocco - One Good Turn Deserves Another Car and Driver, January 1982


1982 Scirocco Motor Trend, February 1982


Fuego vs Scirocco vs Fuego Turbo Motor Trend, July 1982


Twin-Engine Scirocco Autocar, August 1982


X1 Scirocco Motor Trend, July 1983


Pontiac Grand Am vs VW Scirocco Motor Trend, May 1985


VW 16-Valve Debut Motor Trend, August 1985


VW Scirocco 16V GTX Motor Trend, September 1985


1986 VW - Motor Trend, February 1986


VW Scirocco 16V - An Amazing Transformation Car and Driver, August 1986


VW Scirocco 16V Road and Track, August 1986